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Recommended Brands

The list below is a growing list of brands that I personally use and recommend.


I have spent years (not exaggerating) trying to find products that are actually, not just falsely marketed,  made with clean ingredients and perform to my expectations. From makeup to hair products, I have tried brand after brand and my skin wouldn't like the essential oils that were used in the product or my hair would be greasy within the day. I just really snuggled in this area and it was so frustrating.

I am here to report that after research and a lot of trial and error, I have found a brand that I truly trust. I trust this brand so much that I have decided to partner with Beautycounter to help spread the word and get safer products into the hands of everyone!

Here is a little information about Beautycounter:

  • We use safer ingredients.

  • We make clean cosmetics and skin care products.

  • We do not compromise on product performance or safety.

  • We review emerging data regularly and even occasionally commission our own studies when we are not able to gather enough information on a particular chemical.

  • We do not test products or ingredients on animals.

  • When formulating our products, we prohibit the use of over 1,500 harmful or questionable ingredients.

  • Focus on product innovation and the Ingredient Selection Process as key market differentiators.

Feel free to check out Beautycounter products here for 20% off your first product.. If you have any question about products or need help deciding what works best for you, I am happy to help!


LMNT - Electrolytes


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